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The best time to lubricate is when equipment is working, keeping contaminants out and helping absorb component, damaging shock. Plus, you won't have missed lube points of manual lubrication down time. Significantly cut maintenance and repair costs and maximize machine hours by supplying grease in small amounts at frequent intervals, ensuring proper lubrication when your bearings need it most-while they're in use.

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Fire hazard is one of the most dangerous threats to happen anywhere. Due to the nature of their extreme working condition, mining equipment is very prone to fire hazard. Hundreds large mining equipment were burnt in the last decade, resulting in injuries, loss of equipment, and to the worst, fatalities. To overcome this problem, FoamGuard comes with FoamGuard Spray System, a real world proven AFFF automatic fire suppression solution.

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All Brand Services also focuses on providing services and technical support, wherever and whenever needed. Dedicated to providing the highest quality support materials engineering knowledge with creative tools, systems and business solutions to respond to customer requests to evaluate and solve problems and provide reliable solutions with quantitative business results.

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