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The applicant must read and understand the requirements stipulated below and prepare all relevant documents prior to submitting this application form.


Supporting Documents

The following documents are to be enclosed together with the Application Form:-
1. Company's profile
2. Company's Memorandum & Articles of Association.
3. Company's Form 9, 24, 44 and 49.
4. Copies of audited financial report (last 3 years).
5. Copy of I.D cards of all shareholders and directors.
6. Applicant's business plan comprising trade area studies, information on propose location, investment assessment and projection, sales

Financial, Equity, Shareholding and Directorship

1. 100% wholly-owned and Company registered.
2. Private limited or public limited Company.
3. All shareholders and directors are free from bankruptcy history.
4. Applicant at any time has never been convicted of any crime and has never been found civilly liable for or entered into a consent decree with respect to any customer fraud, unfair trade practice, misleading advertising, etc.

Propose Site

1. Land
A. "Industry" or "Commercial" status that able to operate a 3S under 1 roof.
B. Shop lot premises are not allowed.
C. Minimum size of the propose land is stipulated in page 2.
2. Ownership / Tenancy
Land must be owned or leased for a long-term duration of at least 10 years.
3. Approval
The applicant must be able to obtain all relevant government approvals from local authority/council particularly for workshop operations at the proposed site.


Warranty After Sales

We thank you for your choice and confidence to our products that MULTILUBE & FOAMGUARD. For the sake of your satisfaction, we provide after sales service (warranty) professional as collateral for the high quality of the products you buy units.

Why We are Better ...

Quite a lot of reasons why we are better as your business partner, There are three key words that distinguish us from the others, namely the quality of branded products with quality and best price, warranty and not as an OEM product with a brand that is not clear. Prices are very competitive with similar quality. The best service and excellent quality, Many are unsure of the low prices, they assume low prices will not get the best service even prime quality.


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