Training Department

At the company's business strategy, comprehensively also includes human resource development strategy. One of the strategies in the field of human resource development is to do a Training & Development division training department.

"Training and development engineers members every effort to improve the performance of members of the current technicians or the future by improving the skills of technicians to perform".

1. Coaching and Counseling. Given by the immediate supervisor on an ongoing basis, planned and constructed so that increasing the skills relating to the responsibility of the relevant technician.

2. On the job training. Training structured learning goals achieved in the work environment, and run the job duties

3. Job enrichment. Provision of additional responsibilities, perform duties of a higher level. In general chain, managers accept some responsibility superiors, who delegate some responsibilities to subordinates.

4. Assignment (assignment). Technicians are given the task to get a certain ability in depth, which is important for engineers and companies.

5. Assignment as a member of the team. Technicians will develop the skills to work together and learn from the ability of the other members of the team applied

6. Self Learning. Self-learning by reading information from a variety of media and resources.

7. Internal workshops. Technicians attended various training programs in the company in order to improve managerial skills.

Expected by the place of training and human resources development, the members of our engineers already have the ability and skills that can be applied to meet all aspects required by our customer.




The following exhibits agenda that we follow them:



The following is some documentation of all activities conducted our technicians activity:


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