Fire Suppression System (Foamguard)



Rise Of Pressure (ROP) Layout System
Risk of pressure (ROP) system work with raise the pressure in system. Use fire sensor detection. Heavy duty application and can work automatic

Rise of pressure (ROP) system use carbon dioxide, foam, nitrogen and water, this will make the fire quickly extinguished. Carbon dioxide is a gas that has a kind of nature does not burn and is heavier than air. If carbon dioxide is directed precisely on fire, the carbon dioxide can displace air surrounding the source of fire. Carbon dioxide is used to extinguish the fire by removing or changing the composition of normal air into the low air composition. Carbon dioxide has a good extinguishing properties and minimize damage to the protected equipment. Carbon dioxide also can increase the pressure of spray foam this make fire extinguish more quickly. Heavy duty application and can work automatic with fire alarm.


We use AFFF to extinguish fire. Fires require oxygen to continue to burn, but the application of foam will cut off the oxygen supply to the fire and also aid in cooling the area to prevent re-ignition. Unlike powder systems, AFFF does not cause a powder cloud around the protected plant that can impair operators’ vision as they try to evacuate from the machine, and further allows for easy clean up with no corrosive concerns. And our system LOP and ROP use manual actuator and automatic system with fire alarm. Manual actuator can be use to manual activate when the operator know fire in device. When operator don't know fire in device system can be automatic work, because fire sensor detection is detected fire in device then machine will be shutdown with system in fire alarm.




Haul Trucks, Excavators, Bulldozers, Motor Graders, Loaders, Wheel Loaders, Service Units, etc.



Loggers, Skidders, Graders, Trucks, Excavators, Bulldozers, Graders, Wheel Loaders, etc.



Trucks, Prime Movers, Fuel & Lube Stores, Generator Rooms, Forklif, etc.


The innovatons from Pre Engineered FOAM GUARD spray System are available in complete models.

* Loss of pressure with Red Nylon detecton tube (LOP)

* Rise of pressure with Pyro-wick detecton tube (ROP)

* Rise of pressure, with loss of pressure actuaton (RLOP)

* Rise of pressure, with Electric device actuaton (ROPE)

* Loss of pressure, with Electric device actuaton (LOPE)

* Dual agent, a combinaton Ansul A-101 dry chemical and wet chemical (DAFS)

* Custom design as request (CDFS)

Loss Of Pressure (LOP)
Rise Of Pressure (ROP)


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